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Sweet Mayah Rae

My little My-My is changing so much. I am really loving this season with her. She is showing more independence and I can really see her desire to learn growing. So cool. I was not expecting her to join Chiara and I during school, but she has been there every day! She wants to learn. I joke that she is the kid I am going to have to duct tape to the chair, but I am starting to notice that may not be the case. Of course she is still our most active daughter, but during school she gets focused. Praise God!

Last week I took this picture of her with a 63 piece puzzle that she did ALL by herself! It was the first time she had done a puzzle this size alone. She was proud of herself and I was certainly impressed! I value puzzles because of the concetration it takes, along with problem solving, dedication, patterns, etc. Such a great and fun learning tool.
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