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Gettin' Our Country On!

We gifted Chiara tickets to see Lady Antebellum for her 9th Birthday....she is so into music and loves country! She had on her new outfit we bought her, including her cowgirl boots, and off we went! 

She wanted dinner at Paradise was so-so, but she was happy.  Who wouldn't be with a cookie like that!

Hanging out before the two opening acts started.

My Beautiful nine year old and me. 
(I do want to add that my amazing husband bought me a gorgeous new belt and a buckle for the occasion!)

One happy girl with her Daddy

Lady A started with "Compass" we sang loud for Nanny to hear us!!!!!

There was a little platform about 5 rows in front of us and they sang RIGHT THERE!!!!!!  AWESOME!!!!!!

Chiara had no idea what an encore was or how cool it was really going to be.  Definitely a band worth seeing live.  Of course I split my time singing and watching Lady A and watching my sweet girl enjoy every moment!  The whole night was simply perfect.

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