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Happy 9th Birthday Chiara!!!!

There has been a lot going on in the D'Amato home of the big events is our oldest turning 9.  She is an amazing young lady.  Smart, silly, loves music, and dancing, helpful, thoughtful, and changing right before our eyes.  

For her birthday she spent the day at Luke Air Force Base with my parents.  She wanted to see the jets, helicopters, air shows, and just enjoy the day out alone with her grandparents.  I missed her so much all day, but I know she was having a blast.  

This year she had two girl friends go to the nail salon for manicures and pedicures with her.  I took the three of them out to lunch afterward and just took in all the girl talk.  I surprised her with a Chocolate Molten Lava Cake and the wait staff singing.  Smiles all around....tears for me! She received an iTunes gift card and a Rainbow Loom...does it get any better for a nine year old than that?!!?

Her family party was at my parents' house after their long day out.  We had told Chiara that as she gets older there cannot be a big party and a big gift...this year we decided on a big gift and she had no idea what it was!!!  Let the fun begin....

 Our Birthday Princess.

 Chiara wanted to make her own cake this year.  She made organic chocolate cupcakes.  I helped out with the creamcheese starawberry frosting since she was gone all day Sunday. Nanny bought this beautiful cupcake display and "9" candle.

 Blowing out the candle...

 Emma and Chiara have a very special relationship.  This is the card that Emma made for her oldest sister.  It said so many lovely things that only Emma could tell you.

 Leah picked out this Minion shirt for her sister.  Chiara loved it and Leah was all smiles.  major props to Daddy for helping the 2 younger sisters find Chiara's gifts!  I love how well he knows our girls and the things they like!  (Emma got Chiara a running jacket just like Mommy's)

 Best Friends from birth....they just don't admit it yet.  I took Mayah out to pick Chiara's gift....I always question my sanity when I take Mayah anywhere she has to make a choice.  It was a long shopping trip, but with two sets of nail polish and a vanilla cupcake scented hand sanitizer Mayah felt she had the perfect gift.  Chiara was geeked!


So, after all the gifts from Grandparents, Great Grandparents,  (a Great Aunt who was visiting), Cousins, and Sisters it was time for the BIG one!

In her card was a note that she had a special date with Daddy & Mommy.  She would need.....

A New Outfit

Some Accessories

Of course NEW SHOES

And somewhere to show it all off.....her FIRST CONCERT!  Lady Antebellum!  She was shocked and very excited!  It took a bit for it to really sink in though.  I really think it will not hit her until we are there and she sees and hears them on the stage.  

She had been asking for a jean jacket for months!  Thanks to "Nanny" we were able to bless her with this to really complete the entire outfit!

A couple photos from her time with her Grandparents.  

Her new Thunderbirds shirt!

Her butterfly face paint from her day out with Nanny & Grampy

We are so excited to see what God has in store for this precious daughter of ours.

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