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Me, My Girls, and a Road Trip - Part 1

"I must be crazy!" That was the thought running through my mind as I left the girls HS program and the GPS said my next turn was in 300 miles. And that would not even get us to our destination. From Chandler, AZ to Calabasas, CA. Crazy. Me and my four girls going to hang out with David for the weekend- he has back to back to back (yes, that was THREE) business trips in CA and we really wanted to make sure the girls got one beach trip in this summer.

I have never even thought to do something like this, but with my big girl panties on, a few car games planned, and snacks and DVDs to last the duration we were off!!!

The girls were so excited!  They really were super well behaved the entire trip....which last 7 hours because.....
The heavens opened up and the rain came....hard, fast, and sideways.  Thankfully we had stopped in Cabazone to say "hi" to the dinosaurs, pee, and get some milk for our homemade brownie snack.  As soon as we got out of the bathroom this is what we saw.  Crazy.  

After leaving Burger King, crowns on and very wet we drove 40 miles an hour for about 20 miles.....we were all glad when that was over...until we hit L.A. rush hour traffic.
Needless to say, that when we arrived we went straight to Red Robin for dinner (with Daddy of course!) and then to the hotel to crash....well, for a moment before David took the girls in the hotel pool!

Friday, David had to work so my plan was to take the girls to The Grove to visit the American Girl store and treat them to a day of FUN.  Just fun.  We rarely do things like this so I knew it would be a special day.  Driving there, not fun.  Being there, beyond fun!!

The show Extra was filming and we headed over there...the girls were great.  It is not a show I watch, but I did watch Saved By the Bell so seeing Mario Lopez up close was like being a teenager all over again.  Star struck for sure.  We sweat for 40 minutes watching the segment, but for me it was worth it!

Seeing Sara Gilbert in person was pretty cool too.  Yes, my family watched Roseanne!  

Mom, can we please go to the American Girl store now?????


I treated the two oldest to a doll hair salon treatment.  They loved it. 

Chiara watching Katelyn get her hair in a side half ponytail.  

Mayah watching Hailey get a defrizz and pony tail.

Chiara and Katelyn getting their photo with the Saige doll!

We love this year's Girl of the Year!  Saige!!!

Each of the girls wanted to get their photo in the air balloon.

Honestly, Emma's is my favorite!

Saying "Goodbye" to the Molly doll who will be going away this year.

So, out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory.  Most important...I let them ALL get ice cream for dessert.  Happy girls.

Very happy!

We loved watching the fountains. 

We went to the 3 story Barnes and Noble and enjoyed some down time with some good books!

After an almost full day we found time to ride the trolly that runs through the Grove. 
Enjoying a Jamba Juice together before we go.

After 5 hours of fun at the Grove we hit some more rush hour traffic (it is always rush hour in L.A.) back to the hotel where we chilled for a few before heading down to the shops and turtle pond. 

The day ended with a wonderful seafood dinner and some completely worn out girls.  I have to say....I was a pretty worn out Mama too!  

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