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There is joy in learning.....

Before school started I was admittedly weary of how things would go with Mayah. Friends were even suggesting sending her to school. I knew in my heart that was not an option. I bought a curriculum that just seemed like Mayah and dove in.

Glory!!!!! Mayah came to school ready and eager to learn and to top it off she has so much JOY doing it!!! It is the kind of joy that is contagious. I just love it! I am completely impressed with how much she knows; her only struggle is with handwriting, but I know it will come.

Here she is making letters with long spaghetti

I love that smile on her face!

Her name

What a hard worker!

She asked if she could help make it!

Check out that smile!

This week was all about the letter S and the Sun. We took a green grape and used the sun to make a raisin (you cannot eat it).

A learning CDRom that she enjoys

The ripped paper art -her sun!
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