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Fifteen Years Later

Every couple has a story. Ours is the best though! (I certainly hope everyone feels that way about theirs!)  I will never say that a long distance relationship is easy, but I will say that I am glad we went through it.  Going every 8 to 10 weeks seeing each other when you are "young and in love" is no small task, and of course this is before the social media craze hit.  No Facebook.  No instant messaging.  No Skype.  Phone, letters, and checking email between every class!

Our official "second date" was Valentines Day, 1998 after last seeing each other January 2nd.  I knew I was in love with David when he dropped me off at my house after our New Year's in New York, but I knew he was really in love with me when he made the trip to Vermont.

I realize 15 years is not very long in the grand scheme of things (even though it is forever times 3, right Dadv??!!?  hee hee hee), but when I think about all the events surrounding our relationship in those 15 years I am in awe.  

Fifteen years later here we are.  Four kids girls! Married 11 1/2 years.  A life together that we both love.  Every Valentines Day we reminisce about that second date.  We laugh.  We smile.  We look forward to many many more Valentines Days together!

Here we are...then and now!

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