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A little help while he is away....

David's new job is 80% travel. I would be "upset" about this, except I have seen the joy that this new position brings him. I will take the travel if it means a happy man, daddy, husband. However, there are three other females in this house who do not feel the same way. If they had it their way he would work from home every day-and when I say "work" I mean play with them all day!!!

They adore their Daddy and I know he is quite smitten with each of them also. So, what's a mom to do? SKYPE!!!! It is my saving grace when he is away for more than one night. Talking on the phone helps, but seeing their Dad makes their day! Chiara, being a very visual person, likes to see his entire hotel room. She likes to be able to picture where he is. Mayah, on the other hand, would rather be silly with him the entire time. On this particular night, Leah brought over Goodnight Moon and David read it, from memory, to her! Such a blessing.

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  1. That is too precious ;) What a sweet family you have Jen!
    Praying for you all.
    Giving God all the Glory,


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