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Someone to kiss at midnight

Another New Year's Eve has come and gone. Is it really the year 2012? It has been a long time since I have stayed up to ring in the new year, but this time I made it...and then some! No party. Nothing special event. Me and my gorgeous, amazing husband kissing on the couch when the ball dropped in NYC.

New Year's Eve has special meaning to us. December 31, 1997 David and I spent the day in NYC-my personal tour guide - and defined our relationship and commitment to one another in Times Square at midnight. I stood on his feet to keep off the freezing ground. We were stuck to each other because the crowd was large. There were fireworks....not just in the sky behind us! Love. True Love.

Fourteen New Year's Eves, 10 years of marriage, and 4 daughters later there are still seriously, we heard fireworks going off last night as we rang in the year together. Beautiful. Wonderful. Love.

We are starting another year together. "You and me babe." We refuse to let anyone come between us...including each other! No life event. No issue with the girls. Nothing. I love this Man. I love starting each year with the same kiss.....Love. True Love.

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