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You can tell it's bedtime because......

Leah is screaming, Mayah is talking, and Chiara is trying to get one more minute with Emma before bed. All while Emma is fussing and David and I are trying to keep our cool. Mayah goes pee about 4 times before staying in her bed and bedtime seems to be her story time. She talks and talks and talks. That's nothing compared to Leah's nightly routine....screaming, fighting, fit. It sucks. Part of it is her age-we have been here before....2 years ago. Part of it has been since Emma arrived. We have tried so many things-spankings, sitting with her, yelling, talking, ignoring. There is nothing that "works" or has fixed the problem. We always prep the girls for bedtime too-no surprises, but that does not seem to help either. It sucks.

Yes, it will pass. They have all done this at some point. Tonight I took some time to lay with Chiara in bed and love on her-at bedtime she is so well behaved that she seems to get the short end of the stick. It seems forever ago that she was getting out of her bed and falling asleep on the floor. She gives me hope that someday we will totally be out of this phase.

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  1. ahhhh......the joys of bedtime with multiple children who have multiple requests and issues before going to bed! I hear ya, sister!


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